What does a Sober Coach do?

Relapse threatens to undo all the hard work in detox or rehab when the individual is left to their own devices. We seek to avoid that by offering an extensive menu of daily services, counseling, advice and help re-integrating in sober society with sober friends.  
Your Sober Coach is the person that can provide accountability, give you and also your family inspiration, and support lasting change while you are building a new clean, sober life that is sustainable.  
As the name, Sober Coach, implies our primary responsibility is to help keep you sober as you start out on recovery after attending either drug rehab, detox, or an intensive outpatient treatment program for addiction or whatever program you are working. 
The Sober Coach helps addicts believe in themselves again and is the bridge between formal treatment, support groups and real life. When rehab or any program ends… that is where we come in to help you succeed. Families are not licensed, nor certified, nor are they addiction experts so fully understanding and changing old patterns and coping with the needs of a newly sober addict is nearly impossible without real help.Not everyone needs 100% of the services listed but many need most of them. 
Some will need only a few and we can discuss a la carte services in those cases. You are not locked into a contract for services you don’t need as is common in other sober coach programs. 
My methodology is professional, experienced and unique. I am a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with many years’ experience in addiction treatment and relapse prevention with proven results. I am a Masters Level Registered Addiction Specialist and the highest advance level Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor IV. 
 No other program offers the extensive menu of help - and a la carte.


One block off Highway 101, public transportation right out the door, easy access from San Francisco and throughout Marin. Ample onsite parking.



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